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Tn Govt Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme

Surgeries Under Tn Govt Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme

  • 1.Arthroscopy Knee Surgeries
  • i. Arthroscopic Meniscectomy,
  • ii. Diagnostic Arthroscopy
  • iii. Arthroscopic ACL Repair
  • iv. Arthroscopic PCL Reconstruction,
  • v. Arthroscopic Loose body removal.
  • 2.Joint Replacement surgery
  • (i.Total Knee Replacement,ii.Total Hip Replacement))
  • 3.(Spine surgeries)
  • i.Discectomy, ii.Mass Miami, iii.Pedicle Screw, iv.Post Decompression and Laminectomy,
  • 4.Flap Surgeries
  • (i.Cutaneous Flap,ii.Myocutaneous Flap,iii.Osteo Myocutaneous Flap)
  • 5.Non-Union of Other Long Bones
  • (Humerus, Both Bones of Forarm, Both Bones of Leg)
  • 6.Tendon, Nerve and Brachial plexus repair
  • 7.(Urology Surgeries)
  • i.Stone Removal, ii.PCNL, iii.URSL, iv.Bladder Tumor Removal, v.TURP
  • 8.(Laparoscopic Surgeries)
  • i.Lap Cholyestectomy, ii.Laparoscopic Orchidopexy, iii.Laparoscopic Varicocele Ligation,
  • iv.Appendicectomy,v.Hernia Repair ,V.Highly selective vagotomy.
  • For More Deatils Conact:98427-03122

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